Introducing Ms. Aizaz


Emma Harvey

Working in her office, Ms. Aizaz gives insight on her time as a counselor at GHS. Photo courtesy Emma Harvey.

Emma Harvey, Copy Editor

We all have gotten to know and adore the counselors at GHS. Ms. Aizaz is the newest addition to the counseling staff at GHS this year. Let’s take a look into how she’s feeling about this year and what made her choose this career. 

“The thing that made me want to be a counselor was, growing up in my family mental health wasn’t acknowledged as much. So, I didn’t feel like there was much support for me to get mental health resources.” 

 Aizaz also said, “I went straight into college with the idea of being an elementary school teacher. But once I got there, I realized I didn’t want to be a teacher.” 

Aizaz informed me of her change in major to physiology and how she went back to college for a degree in counseling. Aizaz also showed her interest in being allowed to develop the school’s counseling program,    

 “It would be so cool to develop a counseling program at a new school.” 

Aizaz continued to describe her favorite thing about being a counselor,  

 “My favorite thing about being a counselor is my students, I get to spend so much time with everybody and I get to connect with each student individually.”