A Class For the Politically Curious


Anna Lopacinski

With two thumbs up, Ms. Burns prepares to teach her classes with a smile on her face.

Anna Lopacinski, Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of the school year where students are scheduling their classes for the next year. If you’re looking for a class that is challenging, engaging and an AP credit, AP Government might be the right choice for you! 

 “[AP Gov is a] college level nonpartisan introduction to government and politics. We only focus on the United States and so we kind of travel through what government and politics looks like in the U.S. Government.” Ms. Burns, the AP Gov teacher, said. “We kind of travel through what government and politics looks like in the U.S. Government, being what it’s supposed to be accordioning to The Constitution, and then politics is how it kind of plays out in real life.” 

 In AP Gov, students will go through the course curriculum and study topics ranging from the Foundations of American Democracy to how people can participate in the government.  

 “Our last unit is civil liberties and civil rights and it’s my favorite, mostly because the judicial branch is my favorite branch, and so we talk a lot about The Supreme Court and their rulings and their impact on society.” Ms. Burns said. “I think the civil liberties and civil rights has the stuff that is relatable for students so they can see real life examples of the things we are learning about like Miranda v. Arizona is one of the cases we will briefly talk about and you guys tend to know what Miranda Rights are from like 21 Jump Street .” 

 In addition to being an interesting class, AP Gov is also useful outside of the classroom.  

 “It’s probably one of the most useful classes that you could take in high school. Everything that we are talking about is happening in real life, so we have lots of real time events. We can talk about current events and apply all the things that were learning to things that are happening in the world around us.” Ms. Burns said.  

 So, if you’re interested in both learning more about the U.S Government, AP Gov should definitely be on your schedule for next year!