Ash is Leaving?

After 25 years, Pokémon says goodbye to its beloved main character.


Fans say goodbye to Ash after 25 long years. Photo courtesy Pokémon Company International.

Autumn Allen, Copy Editor

Yes, you heard that right, Ash Ketchum, the main character of Pokémon for 25 years, is finally handing over the mantel.  

On Dec. 16, 2022, The Pokémon company announced Ash’s departure from the series in a Twitter post. The post also announced the introduction of new main characters Liko and Roy 

Pokémon revolves around a 10-year-old boy named Ash Ketchum from Pallet town. Ash has traveled with many friends along his 25-year journey to become the best he ever was as a Pokémon master. Along with Ash’s Pokémon partner, Pikachu, Ash has finally achieved his goal. With Ash’s end to the series, the creators come to the main question, where do they go from here? Where do you go after the main character has achieved his goal? Well, you go on a new journey!  

With the introduction of new characters Liko and Roy, fans get to see the journey of two new characters and see them experience the same lessons Ash had to learn but from new perspectives. The switch of characters also solves the problem of Ash’s non-aging as well as the eventual show fatigue that all long series have. This new change will give the series a new shift that allows for brand new adventures and new characters for young and new fans to watch over again.  

Hopefully, this new series will have the same level of quality and success as Ash had and allow for more new fans as the series continues to have Liko and Roy become the best they can be.