What is The Willow Project? The Controversial Oil Drilling Project.


Glacier in Alaska. Photo Courtesy Sophia Simoes via Unsplash.com.

Anna Lopacinski, Editor-in-Chief

The Willow Project is an oil/gas drilling project that could produce up to 180,000 barrels of petroleum oil, which would make it the largest oil field in decades. As of now, five potential drilling sites have been proposed all along Alaska’s North Slope.  

Biden has been receiving massive amounts of criticism from environmental activists who claim that the project goes against Biden’s move to clean energy; stated in the Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022. The Willow Project is estimated to release around 278 million metric tons of carbon pollution over its 30 year life span. Activists are also concerned about the outcome of this project on the wildlife and indigenous populations in Alaska. 

Although, not all people are opposed to the new plan. Alaska Legislators passed a unanimous decision in favor of the decision to pursue the plan. Supporters believe that going through with the project would have many economic benefits, such as decreasing the U.S. reliance on foreign oils, creating jobs for the community, and other sources of revenue that may fund healthcare and education.  

The Biden administration is expected to make a decision sometime this month on the issue.