Ollie Maxted: GHS’s First Virginia Choir Delegate


Liz Villa

Singing their heart out, junior Ollie Maxted has been selected as Gainesville’s first Virginia Choir Delegate. Photo courtesy Liz Villa.

Liz Villa, Senior Journalist

Ollie Maxted, a grade 11 Advanced Choir student, has recently been selected as Gainesville’s first Virginia Choir Delegate and is excited to see what that entails. 

Maxted transferred to GHS this year, after previously attending West Springfield High School, and chose choir as an elective here. However, they did not expect to be selected as Gainesville’s delegate. 

“I Couldn’t believe it,” Maxted said. “I went into the audition thinking I’d do it just for the experience of auditioning, so I could get better at it. In my mind there was absolutely no way I would actually get into it.”  

There are only two students selected from each district, and Maxted is extremely grateful for being chosen, and looks forward to the experience. 

“I’m looking forward to getting conducted by a really good conductor, and being around other people who are passionate about choir.” 

Maxted is especially excited about going on the three-day field trip to Richmond, VA to perform a selection of songs, meet new people, and have new and exciting experiences.