SCA Elections


Autumn Allen

Junior Class President, Riley Miller

Autumn Allen, Copy Editor

SCA elections finished on September 15th and the results are in.

The main question floating around is what these winners plan to do this school year. What ideas do they have? What will they bring to the table? Well, Junior Class President, Riley Miller, and Junior Class Vice President, Naa Hesse have it all figured out.

But before we get into that, why did these two runs for their positions in the first place?

“I wanted to make a change, get a little more class involvement.” Miller said.

This view also seems to be shared by Hesse,

“Leadership has always been something important to me,” Hesse said.

What do Miller and Hesse wish to do with their time in office? “As [Junior Class] Vice president, I want more student activities to make students eager to go to special things like Powderpuff, football games, and other games during the season,” Hesse said.

Miller, while also wanting student involvement, seems to want to be more focused on helping students during school hours.

“Like in the lunchroom, there’s always a whole line at the microwave, [so] just small things like that,.” Miller said.

Arguably the most important is what are their main goals.

“My main goal would be to work with students to solve problems and promote diversity in our school and community,” Miller said,

He hopes to get student involvement up and make our school even better than before. For Hesse, the goal seems to be similar.

“My main goal for the school year is to have students as my priority, have their ideas being fulfilled,” Hesse said.

Michele Karnbach, sponsor for the Junior Class and SCA teacher representative, went more in-depth on the SCA’s goals as a whole.

“Our goals for this year are to have more student activities and participation, and to have more charitable events as well and just make sure that SCA is a lot more representative than we were last year,” Karnbach said.

With these elections coming to an end, and with the new Student Councils in place, we hope our school thrives and has an even better year than before with fresh faces in leadership. Go Cardinals!