Taylor Hanner


Photo by Rebecka Hanner

Rebecka Hanner, Guest Journalist

“I love music because it is extremely calming,” freshman Taylor Hanner said. “There is just a song for every mood, every feeling. If you’re in a rough situation and you have some background music playing, then it could lift the mood. When I listen to music during the day it boosts my mood. On the contrary, if I listen to an angry song it’s not going to lower my mood. There are some songs that when I listen to them, I have a memory associated with it. I think of Lemon Demon songs as summer 2021 vibes because I would always listen to them while I played games and stayed up late with friends. I don’t think I’m really drawn to any type of song; I have a large mixture of songs in my library. However, Arctic Monkeys are my favorite band because each of their albums are like a different genre. Most of my favorite songs are on the guitar and I know how to play a little bit of the piano; I think the Arctic Monkeys inspired me to start playing the guitar. If I had to choose between electric and acoustic guitars; I prefer electric ones because most of my favorite songs are electric and it has more variety. I’m really looking forward to the new Arctic Monkeys album, so I can try and learn it on the guitar. I also am excited because they are just really good.”