Iran Protests and Women’s Rights


Giacomo Ferroni

Women’s rights march. Photo courtesy Giacomo Ferroni, unsplash.

Imani Price, Journalist

Despite achievements of giving power to women, multiple issues still exist in areas in their life.   

Women wear clothing that they like, yet men think they can tell women what to wear and how to wear it. Men tell women what clothing they should wear, and to cover themselves up or they’re not wearing it right.  

One of the loudest examples of this is the protests that gathered in Iran the 28th of September for the killing of Mahsa Amini, An Iranian Kurdish woman, after being arrested in Tehran by morality police for wearing her headscarf improperly. Protests spread to at least 19 cities in Iran on October 12 the Wednesday after her death. Many women across the world showed support for Iranian women, with European Union lawmakers including  

Abir Al-Sahlani’s, who said, “The hands of the regimes of the mullahs in Iran are stained with blood. Neither history nor Allah or God almighty will forgive you for the crimes against humanity that you are committing against your own citizens.”  

Voices of young ladies giving their opinions on their rights.  

 “I think our rights are not where they should be. We need to have more rights as time goes by so we should have more rights right now and it’s almost like it’s not happening,”  

Sophomore Caelyn Driscoll said, “I just wear whatever the dopamine tells me to.”