Five AP/Advanced Classes You Should Take

Autumn Allen, Copy Editor

Are you thinking about your future classes? Thinking about that AP class you need to take for college credit? Or are you just looking for something more challenging than regular classes?  

As a Junior, I’ve been through many advanced and AP classes and have a lot of friends who have too. So, here’s my top five recommendations for AP/Advanced classes for all the rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors out there with academic advising coming up.  


AP World History 

AP World is one of the few AP classes offered to Sophomores at Gainesville, meaning this class is absolutely one you should take if you’re looking to take more AP classes in the future. AP World is the AP version of World History 2, which continues from the Renaissance to Modern day. AP World is one of the harder AP classes out there for most students, since it’s many students first look into the amount of work they get while in higher education. This class will introduce you to multiple types of AP test styles (like SAQ’s and LEQ’s) and give you a better chance to understand our history and the world around us. So, if you’re looking to get your start in the world of AP classes, take AP World History! 


Advanced Geometry 

Advanced Geometry allows for students leaning more to a STEM career to challenge their minds and get a lighter workload than AP classes, but also a slight look into a harder workload than regular classes. Geometry is known to be easier than classes like Algebra 1 and 2, making it much easier to get into the flow of harder work for people who plan to take this class. Advanced geometry is about learning how to measure and calculate shapes as well as graphing. So, if you’re not looking for a large workload, but a class that’s a bit more challenging, Advanced Geometry is the right class for you.  


AP English Language and Composition 

AP English Language and Composition, commonly known as AP Lang, is one of the harder AP classes offered but is worth it for anyone wanting to go into higher education. AP Lang is all about Rhetorical analysis and learning to write essays using your knowledge of rhetorical analysis. The homework is the usual amount you have for any AP class, although the work in class can be difficult due to the advanced and higher level of writing that will be needed for this course. Although even though the work is hard, this class will prepare you for the level of writing needed in your higher education essays and will improve your writing skills, so I would highly recommend this class for students who want to improve their essay writing skills.  


AP Literature  

AP Literature is usually the next class you take after finishing AP Language. AP Literature, Unlike the class before it, involves lots of reading and deep, complex thoughts on said readings. This class is for the people who love reading yet want a challenge when it comes to their English classes. The class is not only reading though, but it also involves a lot of complexes thought and wanting to look deeper into a text. This class sounds like a book lover’s dream, but it’s also beneficial to anyone looking into developing their complex thinking and time management skills due to the amount of reading needed to be done outside of class to do well on assignments.  


Advanced Chemistry  

 Advanced Chemistry, while still being a difficult class, is a good way to learn all the skills and material you’ll need for AP Chemistry. This class involves going in depth into topics like the periodic table, energy, matter, and more! One thing that’s super useful from this class is learning how to write an in-depth lab report. Lab reports are something you’ll do if you plan on going to college since it’s required that you take some form of science while in college. Also, knowing how to write an in-depth lab report prepares you for any AP science class you’ll take, since you will need to write one for any AP science class. If you’re looking for a challenge and are interested in a STEM based career, advanced chemistry is the right way to go.  


These classes are all helpful in their own unique ways and are great classes to understand the workload higher education will bring. The best thing to do though is to talk to your parents, friend/siblings who are taking advanced/AP classes you’re thinking of taking, your teachers, or your counselor before finalizing your decision on your class schedule next year. Remember, it’s your future and your high school years, make the most of them!