Ashton Kutcher is Back

Emma Harvey, Copy Editor

This past January, Netflix released a new series, That 90’s Show, a spin-off of the original That 70’s Show 

That 90’s show is based on Eric and Donna Foreman going and visiting Eric’s parents over the summer. They bring their teenage daughter, and she decides to stay in Point Place for the summer and live her life up in the 90’s. 

I didn’t love this show. Mainly because That 70’s Show already set the bar very high. The writers and directors tried too hard to recreate That 70’s Show. They also were trying too hard with the lingo. I watched the first couple of episodes and cringed. The actors are acting very much like teenagers this year, and sure some of the sayings are coming back, but I just never got a 90’s vibe from the show. 

Despite all the bad, one thing I loved was the return of Michael Kelso (Aka Ashton Kutcher). Kelso made the original show funny. With his dumb witty jokes. When he made his announcement in the new show everyone got excited. 

 I didn’t think the old characters would come back, but everyone, except Danny Masterson, made an appearance in the new series. The only good thing that came out of that show was the old actors coming back. 

While the show was an entertaining watch, and a nice blast of nostalgia, it is definitely not the quality T.V. that viewers loved in That 70’s Show.