Ms. Thomas: The Fairest Biology Teacher at GHS



Ms. Thomas photographed by Liz Villa

Liz Villa, Senior Journalist

Ms. Thomas is one of the amazing biology teachers here at Gainesville High School. Ms. Thomas is a fair teacher who gives her students the treatment they deserve. Whether that’s taking their phone for the class period, or letting them work in the library, her students always get what they’ve earned through their actions. Another great thing about her is that she treats her students with great kindness and respect if she is treated the same, but if she isn’t, she won’t put up with the kid’s nonsense. Ms. Thomas is a tough teacher, with a great commanding presence, as well as a soft side. She also makes her class as fun as possible, and even though we have to listen to lectures and take notes, she incorporates fun activities when she can. When studying for a test, she allows us to work in teams to complete Kahoots made for the unit, and whoever wins gets a jolly rancher. We also get to watch fun videos of experiments in class to help us learn about topics relating to the unit and do fun projects such as foldables. Ms. Thomas is a teacher who deserves great respect, and her class is highly enjoyable!