Koven Smith


Photo by Maddie McKenzie

Maddie McKenzie, Guest Journalism

“When I was little, my father threw me a football and ever since I just took off with it. I’ve been playing football since I was three, but I started tackle football when I was six. My father also played football too, so I look up to him a lot and he’s my biggest inspiration. I would say that I am a leader on the Gainesville Football team especially from last year carrying on to this year with the team. Something I love about being on the Gainesville Football team is the bond we have with each other. The Coaches are awesome, and all the players are great. One of my goals for Gainesville Football is to grow up with them and become more mature with the game. In the future, it would be nice to clinch a playoff spot going deep into the season and hopefully a state championship before I graduate. Currently, I am in season, so I don’t work out too much but, in the offseason, I work out six times a week. In five years, I see myself playing at a big division one school and my long-term goal for football is getting to the NFL.”