Avery Eisenhower


Photo by Leah Weiss

Leah Weiss, Guest Journalist

Junior Avery Eisenhower is once again playing for the Gainsville Highschool varsity field hockey team. “My friend Maddie Felder was really the reason I started playing field hockey,” junior Avery Eisenhower said. “My freshman year I started playing field hockey for Patriot Highschool. I played soccer for 10 years and after quitting I decided to find a new sport. I began just doing the workouts because my friend Maddie convinced me. It was a weird season due to covid, so we had the workouts throughout the fall and winter. The season hadn’t started till February, so we ended up playing in the snow most games. At Patriot we would do an hour of running and an hour of ball control. When Gainsville Highschool opened, I transferred sophomore year. It was a huge change from Patriot to Gainesville. My team here has a pretty good bond and I like it more here. I play center forward, although I played mid field last year and at Patriot. My mom is a team mom, so I help a lot with team functions and little sister gifts. I also run track and am possibly going to try out for lacrosse this spring. I am happy to continue playing with my teammates. I can’t wait to play senior year.”